Establishment economists and politicians present economics as apolitical or neutral. They pretend there is only one kind of economic analysis and only one set of policies to right the wrongs of the world. They boldly claim that the same policies that enrich the wealthy beyond their wildest dreams will also eliminate poverty and save the environment¡ªthat those policies that create crisis can also solve crisis. Aren’t we lucky! Unfortunately, we know that this is not the case.

The economic system that enriches the few, capitalism, also impoverishes the many. Capitalism itself creates inequality and injustice. Exploitation is built in to the production process. The concentration of wealth at the top is not a by-product of greed or of some other eternal human characteristic: it is part of the accumulation process of the system.

The capitalist system creates class divisions: those who have wealth and use it to accumulate more, and the vast majority of people in the world who do not. The economics that is presented to us by the establishment is the economics of wealth accumulation. Their analysis and policies are those that benefit the wealthy capitalist class.

This web site has been set up to present the economics that benefit the majority: working people, young people, the unemployed, and those who can’t work. Economics is political, and those forces that claim to represent the majority¡ªtrade unions, community groups, and political parties¡ªmust project a consistent analysis of economics and a vision of how it could work for the majority.

This web site will present the ideas of a number of historically important thinkers, present a contemporary analysis from a variety of sources, and hopefully store a number of reports and articles that will serve as resources for groups fighting for an economic system that serves people, and not the other way around.

We hope you will find it useful.

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